• Helping build better businesses

  • Nurturing company growth

  • Coaching for rapid expansion

  • Safe and experienced hands

  • Navigating uncharted waters

  • International expertise and contacts



    We help innovators to maximise their potential by providing high-level expertise in marketing and management.

    • We work nationally and internationally with those who are looking to improve their company’s performance, expand markets and make the best of their teams’ skills
    • We take away the pressures created by business issues and help clients focus to become more strategic and competitive. We free management time to allow them to grow their business
    • With over 25 years of experience in technology businesses, we understand the issues and challenges facing early-stage organisations, developing companies and multi-national corporations
    • We manage projects that have impact and meet our values

    Far-sighted diplomacy

    2007. Worked across time zones and geographies to develop a five-year plan for the British Embassy in Japan, identifying emerging UK technologies and developing global value chains.




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    Reaching beyond ourselves

    …experience and understanding of companies needs provided a crucial contribution to the many successes achieved

    Alan Davidson
    Senior Sector Manager
    ICT and Electronics