• Helping build better businesses

  • Nurturing company growth

  • Coaching for rapid expansion

  • Safe and experienced hands

  • Navigating uncharted waters

  • International expertise and contacts



    Alliantus provides inspirational, board-level advice, access to high-level contacts and a practical delivery of business solutions. We work with those who are looking to take their business up a level and have ambition, potential and a determination to be great.

    We provide expertise based on over 25 years developing businesses across the technology industry. This experience ranges from electronics and software, to advanced interactive entertainment and wireless communications. We understand the issues and challenges facing early-stage organisations, developing companies and multi-national corporations. We go beyond clients' expectations and:
    • Provide knowledge, expertise and insight to help companies understand issues
    • Free management time to allow them to grow the business
    • Use our links to investors, international teams and government bodies to develop into new markets

    Hands across the Pond

    Working with Right brain+Left brain improved the online presence for British American Connections Pittsburgh  Kevin is proud to be an active director fostering UK and US business, cultural and social links.




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    Reaching beyond ourselves

    … used to fast-paced business schedules in the technology environment …

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