What’s on my mind Facebook?

It all this stuff that is on my chest, Facebook. Well it’s not all the personal stuff that is posted. It’s not pictures of food or cats or those lovely videos of 2-year-old kids playing up at night.

As anyone who is still reading my Facebook posts will know it is the upcoming election that is causing me to be really agitated. However, today, I have had my ‘cosy’ view of the UK media knocked. Yes, I knew about the trash press but the BBC being biased was a bit of a shock. The fact that someone’s views can be so distorted and misrepresented has not impressed. I guess it is a certain BBC Today interview with Keir Starmer that has prompted me to write this (sorry if it is a bit of a rant). Bias and unfairness, I hate it.

So, to my main points. It’s a very interesting election in the UK because it looks like a choice about what kind of society we have, rather than just what leader we have.

May has not covered herself in glory and has used her influence and moneyed friends to keep her austerity agenda unchallenged. Today they have tried to pin the ‘terrorist supporter’ badge on anyone who doesn’t agree with her. This is rich considering she is seen by many as an abject failure as Home Secretary who was supposed to defend us all. If you don’t believe me then try this.

I am even more agitated that terrorism (that scourge of our modern society) can be used as a justification for an attack on liberty itself. If personal freedoms to travel, use of the Internet or freedom of expression or association are curtailed then the terrorists have certainly won. As we saw in Northern Ireland, locking people up without trial or evidence achieved nothing but a more determined opposition to peace. How dare she even suggest this when she has been the home secretary whose action was to cut police and security budgets? Local policing has all but disappeared under the Tories and this was a direct route to information which has now gone.

Although, I am too old to swallow the ‘terrorist-loving’ (ironic) Corbyn bathwater at least there is an element of hope in what he is suggesting. He has come over as a likeable man and dare I say it a principled and honest politician. At least with him we know where he has stood, where he is going and how much it costs (even if this is off by billions). You may not like him, might be worried about his policies but you cannot deny he has been consistent in his opposition to blowing up the world, consistent in trying to establish dialogue for peace and consistent in supporting the disadvantaged and voiceless.

Farron has also done well but has not had enough time to establish the Lib Dems as a real Remain party. If you are in the right place they are a good tactical vote. It’s a real pity that we don’t have a national Green Party as Caroline Lucas is impressive and there is little to dislike about saving the planet. We are not all tree-huggers but we now have to become more attuned to what we consume.

I’m very proud of the young people that I know, many of whom are fed up with that “loads of money’ me, me approach fostered by Thatcher. They are out there knocking on doors because they demand something better. However, I fear for where we end up if we make the wrong decisions tomorrow and how a whole generation will feel. We all have good reasons to want to see health service investment (given the amazing responses by NHS staff to the attacks over the past months, how can privatising the health service even by an agenda item?). They want pensions protected, young people helped and social care properly funded. I would like everyone to at least be given the same opportunity that so many of us born in earlier times had.

Sadly, in many ways this election is like Brexit and we are going to wake up an even more disappointed and divided society whoever wins on Friday.

So that’s it back to the funny videos and cats. Bloody cats.? I ask you?


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