Britsburgh – I like a nice cuppa

Pouring tea from a metal teapot

British-American Connections Pittsburgh (BACP) celebrates and remembers the many Pittsburgh – UK links (since 1758) and helps build new connections and memories. Kevin Coleman Alliantus’ founder is a board member of the BAPC and Roger Cranville, OBE is the President. 

The second annual Britsburgh Festival, from September 6th through September 11th 2016 will celebrate the long-standing historic ties between the United Kingdom and Southwestern PA.

What is it?

Britsburgh adds a unique roving pop-up regional event to the city’s calendar contributing to the growing vitality and global feel of the new Pittsburgh.  “Watch out for those flags and Tea Shirts again this year” said Tony Battle, also on the marketing team – concluding that “this year Britsburgh will be bigger, better, and even more enjoyable for all.”

Tell me how I can get a nice ‘cuppa’

The recently formed Pittsburgh Tea Association, led by Danielle Spinola, is coordinating 31 events for the Festival with “more to come” said Danielle.  “Tupelo Honey Teas in Millvale is hosting a Beatrix Potter Reading with Tea, Arnolds Tea Shop on the North Side will feature a British themed Afternoon Concert, and Sconehenge is raisin taste buds again at the Anchor and Anvil Tea Shop in Ben Avon,” added Danielle.  Britsburgh tea events will be included in Tea Time Magazine reaching a national audience of over 300,000” added Hannah Cranville, one of the volunteers on Britsburgh’s marketing team.

When is it again?

The second annual Britsburgh Festival is from September 6th through September 11th 2016

How can I get involved?

For additional information on Britsburgh and other BACP activities visit