What’s on my mind Facebook?


It’s a very interesting election in the UK because it looks like a choice about what kind of society we have, rather than just what leader we have. Continue reading

The 2016 News Review: Innovation, Politics and Sock Tape


Alliantus’ 2016 short round-up of some of the things we have been involved in, issues that have concerned us and differences we have made to our clients and the wider technology community. Continue reading

Seven things Ghana can teach the UK about innovation and entrepreneurship


Ghana has recently been classified as a middle income country, losing the shackles of ‘developing’ and paving the way for its regional and continental neighbours. Unlike the UK and the attitudes that led to Brexit, Ghana understands that supporting the economic growth and stability of the whole region will pay dividends in the future for Ghanaians as well as boosting the long term prosperity of citizens of neighbouring states. Continue reading

Good Morning America


Trump called it right when he predicted this election would mirror Brexit, However, it is frightening that the far right parties in Europe (France, Holland and Germany) were fast out of the blocks in celebrating Brexit and Trump. Continue reading

Now is the time to say Goodbye


Now is the time to say goodbye. how to ha Continue reading