Now of course we don’t want to give everything away for free, (see our blog post on FREE) but here are some things that you might find useful and give you a bit of a head start.

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  10 Steps for structuring your funding pitch

PDF of article in Growing Business magazine - showing stages in building your pitch.

  7Ps for a successful pitch

Our tips for being more interesting when you are pitching.

  Alliantus in brief

Not really a brochure - more of a two page version of the website.

  Alliantus Redundancy Tips

Some thoughts, hints and possibly tips. No warranty is given that the information will get you a new position but something may help you be better prepared.

  Our Exhibition tips

We all go to exhibitions - how do you do it properly?

  Our Exporting tips

A guick shortlist of things to consider before you take the exporting step.

  Our tips for mini projects

We all have projects to do. Here are some quidelines for managing them.


  Big Guys Know Their Customers

Know your customers. How are they refining or changing what they value in a recession?

  Declining Markets: Management understanding needed

Many companies are making people redundant. What is managements role?


So where are your company’s ‘friends’ and extended family? How do you keep them close?

  In the words of Hill Street Blues 'Let's be careful out there'

Why it pays to be nice to people who are applying for your jobs.

  Q10: Talking Heads - Kevin Coleman

Kevin Coleman's interview with Cambridge Business Weekly.


When a company spends money it goes further if the competitors are not there to answer by promoting themselves. So because times are difficult you can buy more mind share, as the jargon has it.

  Show us the money

At this time it’s extremely important to manage your cash flow and many people have forgotten that you can’t spend what you don’t have.

  Take people's pain away

Take a look at your product range. Is it likely that your customers will be trading down to save money? Can you accurately track customer demands?

Useful things to give you a bit of a boost or to remind you of what you know already

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